El Divo Aragonés Redeems His Fans in Chi-Town

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Enrique Bunbury made peace with his Chicago Fans

The Hellville Deluxe U.S. tour stopped by Chicago after 4 years of absence from Enrique Bunbury, an unexpected appearance of loyal fans filled the Aragon Ballroom despite of ’04 concert being, “one of the worst concerts of my life” as el divo aragonés said it himself. Who can forget his 2004 show at the Metro when he abruptly ended the opening set due to sound problems and chants of “culero” from the audience? This time around he thanked the windy city and expressed his gratitude with 2 hours and a half of hits but failed to include anything before ’96, a.k.a. no Heroes del Silencio.

Bunbury serenaded his Chicago fans with a reference to our city’s long history of jazz and blues and delighted with his own interpretations to these genres. Fans also go to enjoy Jorge Rebenaque’s acordeón, and took special pleasure when Bunbury accompanied him in “El extranjero”, song in which Bunbury always makes a reference to his passion for Mexico. He also took the chance to call himself “un Negro con piel blanca” in the song “Una Canción Triste” from the album El Viaje a Ninguna Parte where he included Nina Simone in the intro (which only a few of us noticed! Ja!).

The audience seemed focused on the music rather than the five costume changes, three chandeliers and red carpet that Bunbury included on stage. They were pleased singing and screaming the classics – Alicia, Lady Blue, De Mayor, Viento a Favor, Que tengas Suertecita y el Rescate. They even chanted along the most recent material from Bunbury off Hellville De Luxe. It was nice to end the night with a shared brindis of wiskey with Bunbury and no hard feeling this time with our favorite divo.

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